Testimonials in English

“I really appreciate your teaching style and working on my English with you. I found your lessons very interesting, fun and complete and you have been very patient. I think that the last point is the most important, because working with us isn’t always easy! ”

“Alive courses with a dynamic teacher who pushes you to speak more and more. Good balance between exercises and “creative” speaking. This teacher knows very well how to adapt herself to the level of her students even within a group and keep a good balance in the speaking time of each one. Courses after courses there is a well structured progression (in grammatical concepts) and an increasing difficulty. I recommend her highly!”

" With my team, we have made a leap forward in our professional network thanks to Varvara’s sessions."

“I have known Varvara for three years. First I met her because I wanted to learn and improve my English for personal reasons. We had 20 hours together face to face. It was a good experience because she’s very professional and friendly at the same time. Three years later, I decided to move to another country, where English would be very useful to get a job. That’s the reason I contacted Varya to help me correct my CV and some cover letters in English. We had a few hours face-to-face so that I could practice my English for my forthcoming job interviews.”

" Varvara’s sessions are great ! "

“I really appreciated your sessions. Having a lot of oral expression was very interesting and useful. I hope to see you for more lessons!”

“The English lessons that I miss!”